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It may sound intuitive that software-defined and virtualized networks are the future of communication services, however making the big transition from conventional hardware-based networking to SDN and NFV, carriers need some way to test intuition: Virtual CPE can be that test.

SDN and NFV promise reduction in capex and opex by allowing carriers to make rapid changes in software, rather than using CLIs or having to send technicians out to make physical changes. The benefits in fact go much beyond just saving costs - SDN and NFV reduce time-to-market for new services from days, weeks, and months to minutes allowing customers to configure new services themselves through a browser-based interface.

With P7 Networks solution for virtual CPE, all you do is just drop-ship the appliance, and instruct to plug in the power and connect the network. That's it - not even one truck roll. Device wakes up, calls home and you can set up the appliance, Configure, Reconfigure, Create VM’s, Deploy Appliances, Service Chain, Manage, Upgrade - EVERYTHING REMOTELY - FROM SINGLE INTERFACE!

Features and Benefits

P7 Networks solution provides service providers maximum service agility and operational services. This provides the following benefits to operators:

Centralized Portal

  • Centralized Portal gives complete visibility of different subscribers across the entire network.
  • Provides diagrammatical representation of service chaining for individual subscribers.
  • Physical devices and virtual devices are grouped according to customers and functionality making access quicker.
  • Provides complete customer information like their equipment as well as the selective services that have been purchased by them.
  • Reduces onboarding costs for new subscribers

CPE Management

  • Allows real-time creation of virtual devices with the ability to create simple to complex networks between those devices.
  • Allows performance monitoring of CPE created virtual network functions or appliances such as routers and firewalls.
  • Enables improved performance and real-time processing for all VNFs.
  • Allows the service provider to sell more managed services
  • Utilizes an end-to-end SDN/NFV solution in multi-vendor production environments

Reporting and Analytics

  • Enables the service operator to monitor the overall health of the network through a single medium.
  • Enables proactive determination of potential problems that could crop up and affect customers and clients in the near or distant future.
  • Optimizes customer premises maintenance and reduces troubleshooting costs.
  • Generates a centralized reporting system alarm.

P7 Networks allows you to get there fast. Production launch soon.

For scheduling demo and/or interest in POC, please contact us.


P7 Networks is a virtual CPE software solutions company focused on creating and deploying cutting edge innovative solutions for Telco's. The P7 Networks solution is a suite that allows for fully managing NFV CPE devices supporting multiple VNF's and enabling service chaining through Centralized Network Management, Analytics and Configuration Functionality providing a single Master environment that manages/configures all networking elements.

Production launch soon, it promises to be an intuitive, scalable solution that addresses the gap that exists today.

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